blue smoke

Shaconage (n): the land of the blue smoke (Cherokee) Each morning, the Smokies are shrouded with thick white fog, the like of which I've never seen in Mississippi, Tennessee, or even Florida (although Alligator Alley is a treacherously close 2nd). Some days, I cannot see across the apartment complex for several hours, until the midday sun … Continue reading blue smoke


1,036 Days Like Tonight

Friends, Family - This is my final post on this blog. As I finish my music website, I will write there instead, but only sparsely, and mostly of moments on the road (touring). But I get ahead of myself, as usual. It's hard to quantify the time and experience I've had in Nashville thus far after … Continue reading 1,036 Days Like Tonight

365 Days

PROLOGUE One year in Nashville. How does one begin? Should I begin with how it transformed me, physically? My hair changed colors from brown with streaks, to solid black-brown. The dye stained the cabinet below the sink. I shortened it, wedged it, grew it out, gave it a dramatic edge, cut it to a flapper-style … Continue reading 365 Days

Nashville, Week 3

Midnight - rouse self to grab nose spray and curse allergies. 1:47 AM - that terrible moment when you realize the nose spray had steroids in it, and so you toss and turn. Resistance is futile. May as well do a blog entry. Living in [Nashville] is like being at some terrible late-night party. You're … Continue reading Nashville, Week 3

Growing Aplomb

"With great aplomb we were taught to be professional in the sense of enjoying every time [performing], every experience with every audience each time you came out. … The fear object, you know in other words if you had to be apologetic about singing then you must try to do something else, because it is the most outgoing sense. … Continue reading Growing Aplomb


"Tennessee, you've been good to me Yes, I've come to believe you're where I wanna be You may not be what everybody needs but Tennessee, you're good enough for me."        ---     Mindy Smith Permit me to share one page of my journal with you. Due to the busyness of the … Continue reading Nashville


It's quite a feat to survive. It is something entirely different to really live. Since my last blog entry (my initial response to arriving in Colorado), much living has occurred, in tears and laughter, choices and pain, diplomacy and venting, as well as wondering whatever is going to come next in this grand adventure. Never … Continue reading Value

Climb Ev’ry Mountain

Re: Colorado There is an element of familiarity in leaving a place. The mixture is one of escapism and adventure: a lust for life. My aesthetic edge, blurred by perennial motion, has transformed my “maybe” into “might-could”, and has adopted the oft-used southern expression of “Bless his heart”. I write to you now from a … Continue reading Climb Ev’ry Mountain